About Nevo Mastering Studios

Nevo Mastering is a high-end mastering facility based out of Nevo Sound Studios in London, and owned by head mastering engineer Yoad Nevo.

We provide audio mastering services daily for major labels as well as independent productions, at our state of the art facility outfitted with advanced acoustic treatment, and top of the line equipment.  Most importantly, each and every song or album is mastered by Yoad Nevo personally – not an intern or 2nd engineer.  Click here to learn about Yoad’s credits and credentials as a renowned and accomplished Mastering engineer and Waves Audio plugin developer.  Click here to read why Nevo Mastering is a better choice than other online mastering services.

At Nevo Mastering Studios we went to every length to ensure the room is top notch and is perfect for critical and precise listening, proudly placing it with the top studios in the world for Mastering records.  It has a custom made 60/92 Neve 5116 Console, customized and installed by Malcolm Atkin of Air Studios; precise ATC monitoring; Stereo Neve EQs, SSL Master Bus Compressor, Custom AD/DA converters with Jensen transformers, a fully loaded digital editing suite, and is fully surround capable and post-friendly with a large 72” screen.  Nevo Sound Studios has also seen its share of artists who choose this comfortable room to record and produce their albums.  It has been called a ‘musician’s playground’, and was designed to provide a comfortable and inspiring environment for musicians and sound engineers alike.  If you are in London, you are welcome to visit us.

Studio Owner/Chief Engineer Yoad Nevo: “People put their heart and soul into making a record, so it’s a great responsibility to be the person adding ‘the finishing touch’. High quality mastering services have always been available to artists working with major labels. We are proud to offer that same finishing touch to talented musicians all over the world.”